CoC FL-507 Regional Application Process - 2017 HUD CoC Program Funding

Regional Request for Applications Process Results

List of Accepted and Rejected Projects - 2017 CoC Program Application to HUD - Recommended by Community Ranking and Project Selection Committee and Approved by CoC Board (9/8/17)


The regional application process for FY 2017 has now closed.

Request for Applications and Related Materials:

2017 CoC FL-507 Request for Applications (RFA)

This document explains the process, timeline and criteria for the submission and selection of applications for inclusion in the CoC FL-507 application to HUD. This is NOT the application form.

RFA Attachment A - Regional Application Form - Corrected (Posted 8/5/2017)

This is a hard copy of the application form to allow applicants to review and prepare prior to availability of the online application form. Do not submit this form.

RFA Attachment B: Application Review and Project Selection Process (Posted 8/1/2017)
RFA Attachment C: Activities Eligible for HUD CoC Program Funding (Posted 8/1/2017)
RFA Attachment D: Selected Central Florida Continuum of Care Policies and Priorities (Posted 8/1/2017)
RFA Attachment E: Requirements of a Housing First Approach to Program Operations (Posted 8/1/2017)
RFA Attachment F: Housing Navigation and Housing Stability Case Management Scope of Work        (Posted 8/1/2017)

Attachment A-1: Administrative and External Data Used in the Application Scoring Process

Attachment A-2: Jurisdictional Certification Form

Regional Application Process - Additional Materials

Questions and Answers Re: Application