FY 2017 HUD CoC Program – Regional Application Process and Consolidated Application to HUD

CoC FL-507  Consolidated Application to HUD – FY 2017 CoC Program

The Homeless Services Network of Central Florida (HSN) is pleased to make publicly available the 2017 FL-507 CoC Consolidated Application to HUD, including all parts of the application, attachments, and priority listing. HSN will submit its final application no later than November 2, 2017 pursuant to the 2017 NOFA.  Please submit comments or questions regarding our application to Martha Are, Executive Director.

FY 2017 FL 507 CoC Consolidated Application (download link below)

Download (PDF, 12.95MB)

FY 2017 FL 507 Priority Listing

Download (PDF, 5.47MB)

Consolidated Application Attachments

01 –  CoC Consolidated Application: Evidence of CoC’s Communication to Rejected Applicants (.zip file)

02 – CoC Consolidated Application: Public Posting Evidence

03 – CoC Rating and Review Procedures (.zip file)

04 – CoC’s Rating and Review Procedure: Evidence of Public Posting (.zip file)

06 – CoC FL-507 Governance Charter (.pdf)

07 – HMIS Policy and Procedures Manual (.pdf)

08 – Not Applicable

09 – Excerpts from Applicable PHA Administrative Plans (.zip file)

10 – CoC HMIS MOU (.pdf)

11 – CoC Written Standards for Order of Priority (.pdf)

13 – HDX System Performance Measures (.pdf)

12 – Not Applicable

14 – CoC Consolidated Application: Evidence of CoC’s Communication to Selected Applicants (.zip)

Posted (10/31/2017 11:02 pm)

Regional Request for Applications Process Results

List of Accepted and Rejected Projects – 2017 CoC Program Application to HUD – Recommended by Community Ranking and Project Selection Committee and Approved by CoC Board (9/8/17)

Click Here to go to the Online Regional Application (Posted 8/11/17)

The regional application process for FY 2017 has now closed.

Request for Applications and Related Materials:

2017 CoC FL-507 Request for Applications (RFA)

This document explains the process, timeline and criteria for the submission and selection of applications for inclusion in the CoC FL-507 application to HUD. This is NOT the application form.

RFA Attachment A – Regional Application Form – Corrected (Posted 8/5/2017)

This is a hard copy of the application form to allow applicants to review and prepare prior to availability of the online application form. Do not submit this form.

RFA Attachment B: Application Review and Project Selection Process (Posted 8/1/2017)
RFA Attachment C: Activities Eligible for HUD CoC Program Funding (Posted 8/1/2017)
RFA Attachment D: Selected Central Florida Continuum of Care Policies and Priorities (Posted 8/1/2017)
RFA Attachment E: Requirements of a Housing First Approach to Program Operations (Posted 8/1/2017)
RFA Attachment F: Housing Navigation and Housing Stability Case Management Scope of Work        (Posted 8/1/2017)

Attachment A-1: Administrative and External Data Used in the Application Scoring Process

Attachment A-2: Jurisdictional Certification Form

Regional Application Process – Selected Community Presentations
CoC Applicant Information Session – 8/11/17
CoC Governance Committee Meeting – 8/08/17
Selected Slides from CoC FL-507 General Meeting  –  7/29/17
Regional Application Process – Additional Materials

Questions and Answers Re: Application